Musician Track

Ed Kerr - Tom Lane - Carl Albrecht - Aaron Williamson - Sheri Gould - Mike Overlin - John Born


This track is geared towards musicians desiring in-depth training on their individual instruments coupled with an understanding of the latest technology available to expand their music and ministry potential.


We have gathered some of the finest instructors from the contemporary Christian music world to lead you on this unique journey. Ed Kerr on keys, Carl Albrecht on drums, Tom Lane on guitars and Aaron Williamson on bass.


Arranging Class


Arranging for Worship


This is an incredible class unlike anything you have ever experienced. This class is team taught by our WATS music instructors providing not only amazing insight to the art of arranging for worship, but also immediate examples of what was just explained. Steered by master arranger Ed Kerr, the WATS Worship Band will demonstrate how you can bring different musical styles to your worship experience. You will see and hear firsthand, the differences in worship styles and how they can be applied to new songs, original material and all of our time honored favorites.


Microphone Basics


This is a class for novices and experienced as well. It will cover the differences in the most popular microphone types used in the church dynamics and condensers; how microphones hear: Polar Patterns; rules that you must know for live sound: Inverse square law, three-to-one rule, proximity effect, and more. All class attendees will receive printed books from Shure that cover the subject much more deeper.


Continue the topic delving into applications and techniques used for various sound sources: vocals, spoken word, choir, drums, guitars, string instruments, horns, etc; differences in Live Sound and Recording techniques. EQ and Dynamics will also be discussed.


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Recording Basics


As technology get more powerful AND easier to use, more and more churches, ministries and worship bands are looking to the art of recording to expand their ministry through the distribution of their music and spoken word. Whether you simply want to create a podcast of the Sunday morning service or do a full blown CD or DVD project, the basics of recording are the same. The best gear in the world will not make a great recording without an artist at the helm that has an ear and a working knowledge of the tools at their disposal. In this class we will explore

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Art and Science of the Mixdown


Once we have recorded our basic tracks and the band has gone home, it is time to begin the mixdown of our project. By combining all of the individual tracks we have recorded, we mix them together to create our final stereo master. This is one of the most creative and artistic endeavors of the recording process and the time when you can make or break a band’s recording. We will explore the following.

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