Audio Track

Dan Craik - John Born - John Mills - Randy Weitzel - Mike Overlin


Audio Class


11:00 AM  and 1:30 PM  - Digital Mixing 101

Jacob Cody - Randy Weitzel : Hands – on session
The student will learn the basics of mixing on a digital console.  Students will route signal through the console, assign and name channels, set up the output section, create mono & stereo sub-groups,  assign aux sends, set mute groups and other basic console routing functions. Emphasis will be on building a recallable mix template.
** The classroom will remain open throughout the summit. Students are encouraged to  practice what they have learned. Audio and video will be fed to the classroom during the worship sessions. Students can mix the band in real time at their own work station



11:00 AM  and 1:30 PM   – Audio Fundamentals

Dan Craik- Lecture- 90 minutes
The session will cover a non-mathematical (almost) overview of the physical and psycho-acoustic properties of sound that every mix engineer must know.  Common audio terms, standards and practices will be discussed. Students are challenged to stay awake!


3:00 PM The Art and Science of Mixing – EQ

John Mills and Dan Craik
Dan will describe what the device does in technical terms (Science)
John will show how it’s used to get the desired results (Art)


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5:00PM The Art and Science of Mixing – Compressors and FX

John Mills and Dan Craik  
Dan will describe what the device does in technical terms (Science)
John will show how its used to get the desired results (Art)
Hands On session: Practice using what you have learned with Randy, Dan and John
Continue the art!


Day 2


General Session Two – 1 hour 45 minutes


Audio-Musician-Vocal This is a combined audio and musician track class and can be lead from the audio side by Randy and from the musician side by Carl. In the spirit of trying to get all sides to understand what the other goes through, they can each approach the various aspects of getting a good sound check and setting up good monitors. We will feature the entire band there to demonstrate the techniques and we can even start off with how NOT to do a sound check…always very effective.


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Microphones Part 1


This is a class for novices and experienced as well. It will cover the differences in the most popular microphone types used in the church dynamics and condensers; how microphones hear: Polar Patterns; rules that you must know for live sound: Inverse square law, three-to-one rule, proximity effect, and more. All class attendees will receive printed books from Shure that cover the subject much more deeper.


Microphones Part  2


Continue the topic delving into applications and techniques used for various sound sources: vocals, spoken word, choir, drums, guitars, string instruments, horns, etc; differences in Live Sound and Recording techniques. EQ and Dynamics will also be discussed.


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Recording Basics – 90 minutes

Audio-Musician This is the last class with the band. Mike will lead with team support and we will do an actual recording of the house band including basic tracks and overdubs.


Art and Science of the Mixdown

Mike Overlin, John Mills
Audio-Musician  We will do a mixdown of the project that the band had just recorded.


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5:00 PM Racks and Stacks

Peter Robinson
Everything you ever wanted to know about the output side of audio chain including a comparison between point-and-shoot speakers vs. a line array, how line arrays work to focus acoustic energy only where its needed, power amplifier ratings, basic output system principles and design, how to avoid damage to your system (and possibly yourself!), the concept and practice of tuning the system to the room, and much more.


Day 3


9:00 AM  Critical Listening

John Mills – Lecture
Can someone improve the way they hear?  Maybe you can’t make your ear drums better but you can learn to analyze what you hear and use that skill to get a better mix.
John will teach you how.


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11:00 AM  Audio Forum

Audio Team
You talk, we listen.
This your chance to bring up audio ministry questions. We’ll do our best to answer.


Wireless Mic Systems


The wireless world is getting very crowded and you need to know what’s happening to get the best results for best possible reception.
I’ll bring you up-to-the –minute highlights of what is happening in RF world with the new FCC rules and consumer companies that want to introduce their devices into the same space as TV and wireless production systems.


We will show you how to improve your wireless systems effectiveness through frequency coordination, antenna placement, location of transmitters and receivers and things that cause problems for your wireless by way of practical methods and tools used to assist us in our quest to be free from drop-out or interference.


3:00  Mixing for Musical

Randy Weitzel   Audio Team: tips and tricks
Christmas, Easter, the church musical, 20 young children running around with wireless mics. YIKES! How to plan for and survive those special productions …


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